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Various health insurance companies who provide insurance in India. Get free health insurance quote today from best health insurance companies in India for your entire family insurance plans Get Cashless medical insurance hospitalizaton form most of insurance companies plan Free medical treatment during hospitalization Peace of mind with health insurance policy
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Family Floater Health Insurance Products in India (for your entire family)
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8- Cholamandalam Ms General Ins. Co. Ltd : Family Health
Source : Website of Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Limited
Plan 7 - 1 Adult + 3 Kids
Sum Insured
  Rs. 2 lakhs Rs. 3 lakhs Rs. 4 lakhs Rs. 5 lakhs
<18 yrs - - - -
18-35 yrs INR 5,664 INR 7,863 INR 9,674 INR 11,004
36-45 yrs INR 6,656 INR 9,345 INR 11,633 INR 12,953
46-50 yrs INR 9,066 INR 12,997 INR 16,580 INR 19,319
51-55 yrs INR 9,391 INR 13,591 INR 17,342 INR 20,198
56-65 yrs INR 12,133 INR 18,077 INR 23,373 INR 27,752
66-70 yrs INR 15,451 INR 22,775 INR 30,024 INR 36,037
71-75 yrs INR 21,356 INR 33,750 INR 42,315 INR 55,646
Premium shown above includes Service taxes and Cess at current applicable rates (10.30%)
Schedule of benefits - Chola Family Insurance Plan
General Limit (per Family per year) Applicable Sections 1a,1b,1c,1d,1e,1f and Room Rent Rs 5,00,000 Rs 4,00,000 Rs 3,00,000 Rs 2,00,000
Co-Insurance (per Family per year) Applicable on eligible expenses caused by Non-network provider subject to being pre-authorised 10% 10% 10% 10%
Room Rent per day upto Rs 3,000 upto Rs 2,500 upto Rs 2,000 upto Rs 1,500
Section 1a Basic Hospitalisation Covered Covered Covered Covered
Section 1b Post-Hospitalisation 90 days after Hospitalisation 90 days after Hospitalisation 90 days after Hospitalisation 90 days after Hospitalisation
Section 1c Pre-Hospitalisation 60 days prior to Hospitalisation 60 days prior to Hospitalisation 60 days prior to Hospitalisation 60 days prior to Hospitalisation
Section 1d Day Care Services only within Network; subject to Pre-authorisation; otherwise it is not covered Covered Covered Covered Covered
Section 1e Local Ambulance Services (per Family per policy year) Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000
Section 1f Hospital Daily Allowance Daily benefit Maximum days covered per Family per policy year Rs 500
14 Days
Rs 400
10 Days
Rs 300
7 Days
Rs 200
7 Days
Section 1g External Aids and Appliance Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000
Section 1h Home Nursing Care Allowance Daily benefit Maximum days covered per Family per policy year Rs 300
10 Days
Rs 300
10 Days
Rs 200
7 Days
Rs 200
7 Days
Cholamandalam Health Insurance policy ensures comprehensive coverage by offering value added features, at a nominal increase in premium, like:
  • General Health and Eye Examination: You will be reimbursed the expenses incurred for general health and eye examination.
  • Hospital Daily Allowance: In addition to hospital expenses, a daily hospital allowance will be paid for the period of hospitalisation.
  • Benefits under Section - 80D(for both individual and family health policy) & 80B(only for individual health insurance policy).
*Premium upto Rs 15,000 eligible under section 80B
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