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Individual Personal Accident Policy in India
(1) Personal Accident Insurance Policy (Plan)   (2) Policy Wording /Proposal Form/ Brochure
(3) Product details of Various Companies for Personal Accident Insurance/Policy
General/Health Insurance Companies Products
1- Personal Accident Insurance Policy (Plan)
The Policy Covers : If at any time during the currency of the policy the insured person shall sustain any bodily injury solely & directly from accident caused by external violent and visible means then Company shall pat to insured or his legal personal representative as the case may be sum or sums as per terms / condition of the policy.
S. No. Benefits Rs.
1 Death only (100% C.S.I.) 1,00,000/-
2 Loss of two limbs two eyes or one limb and one eye (100% C.S.I.) 1,00,000/-
3 Loss of one limbs or one eye (50% C.S.I.) 50,000/-
4 Permanent Total disablement from injuries other than those named above (PTD) (100% C.S.I.) 1,00,000/-
5 Permanent Partial disablement (PPD) as per percentage of CSI as shown on page 101  
6 Temporary total disablement (TTD) at 1% of CSI upto 100 weeks (Max. weekly benefits per week not exceeding Rs. 3,000 however limited to Capital Sum Insured. 1,000/-
Expenses incurred for carriage of dead body of Insured Person (death due to accident only) to place of residence subject to a maximum of 2% of the CSI or Rs. 2500/- Whichever is less.
In the event of death or permanent total disablement of the insured du e to accident as defined in the policy, the policy shall also pay following amount as education grant for dependent children.
One dependent child (Below 25 years) 10% of C.S.I. subject to maximum of Rs. 5,000/-
(Maximum all policies on one life).
More than one dependent child (Below 25 years) 10% of C.S.I subject to Rs. 10,000/-(Maximum all policies on one like)
This Benefits is beased on C.S.I. and not on cumulative bonus. This is a one payment.
Table D Benefits as per (a) above
0.45 0.60 0.90
Table C Benefits as per (1) to (4) above
0.70 0.90 1.30
Table B Benefits as per (1) to (5) above
1.00 1.25 1.75
Table A Benefits as per (1) to (6) above
1.50 2.00 3.00
Note :
(1) Limit of Age is 5-702 years.
(2) The aforesaid limits would apply cumulatively in the event of there being more than one policy on the life of the insured person.
(3) The Proposer may choose any one or more the above tables.
(4) The Cover is worldwide.
(5) Cumulative Bonus : The Sum payable under item 1 to 4 is increased by 5% each year on renewal of Policy upto a limit of 50 percent. Earned cumulative bonus will not be lost if the Policy is renewed within 30 days of its expiry.
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