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Various health insurance companies who provide insurance in India. Get free health insurance quote today from best health insurance companies in India for your entire family insurance plans Get Cashless medical insurance hospitalizaton form most of insurance companies plan Free medical treatment during hospitalization Peace of mind with health insurance policy
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Family Floater Health Insurance Products in India (for your entire family)
(1) What is the Concept of Family Floater in health insurance?   (2) Introduction Family Floater Health Insurance
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(5) Comparison of Family Floater Policies   (6) Policy Wording/ Proposal Form/ Brochure
(7) Family Floater Insurance Health from Companies   (8) Health Insurance Below Poverity Line (BPL) Families
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7- Family Floater Coverage - Easy Health Family Floater Insurance Plan from Apollo Munich
Source : Website of Apollo Munich Insurance Company Limited
  • For all benefits, contingent on Our prior acceptance of a claim under Benefit 1)a), We or Our TPA must be informed within 7 days of an Insured Person’s discharge post Hospitalisation.
  • If any treatment, consultation or procedure for which a claim may be made is required in an emergency, then We or Our TPA must be informed within 7 days of the completion of such treatment, consultation or procedure.
  • In all other cases, We or Our TPA must be informed of any event or occurrence that may give rise to a claim under this Policy at least 7 days prior to any consequent treatment, consultation or procedure being taken and We or Our TPA must pre-authorise such treatment, consultation or procedure.
  • If any time period is specifically mentioned in Benefits 1-5, then this shall supersede the time periods mentioned at c) to f) above.
  • Supporting Documentation & Examination
    The Insured Person shall provide Us with any documentation and information We or Our TPA may request to establish the circumstances of the claim, its quantum or Our liability for the claim within 10 days of the earlier of our request or the Insured Person’s discharge from Hospitalisation or completion of treatment. Such documentation will include but is not limited to the following in English:
1. Our claim form, duly completed and signed for on behalf of the Insured Person.
2. Original Bills (including but not limited to pharmacy purchase bill, consultation bill, diagnostic bill) and any attachments thereto like receipts or prescriptions in support of any amount claimed which will then become Our property.
3. All reports, including but not limited to all medical reports, case histories, investigation reports, treatment papers, discharge summaries.
4. A precise diagnosis of the treatment for which a claim is made.
5. A detailed list of the individual medical services and treatments provided and a unit price for each.
6. Prescriptions that name the Insured Person and in the case of drugs: the drugs prescribed, their price and a receipt for payment. Prescriptions must be submitted with the corresponding Doctor’s invoice.
The Insured Person additionally hereby consents to:
1. The disclosure to Us of documentation and information that may be held by medical professionals and other insurers.
2. Being examined by any Medical Practitioner We authorise for this purpose when and as often as We may reasonably require.
    Claims Payment
  • We shall be under no obligation to make any payment under this Policy unless We have been provided with the documentation and information We or Our TPA has requested to establish the circumstances of the claim, its quantum or Our liability for it, and unless the Insured Person has complied with his obligations under this Policy.
  • We will only make payment to or at Your direction. If an Insured Person submits the requisite claim documents and information along with a declaration in a format acceptable to Us of having incurred the expenses, this person will be deemed to be authorised by You to receive the concerned payment. In the event of the death of You or an Insured Person, We will make payment to the Nominee (as named in the Schedule).
  • Cashless service: If any treatment, consultation or procedure for which a claim may be made is to be taken at a Network Hospital, then We will provide a cashless service by making payment to the extent of Our liability direct to the Network Hospital as long as We are given notice that the Insured Person wishes to take advantage of a cashless service accompanied by full particulars at least 48 hours before any planned treatment or Hospitalisation or within 24 hours after the treatment or Hospitalisation in the case of an emergency (namely a sudden, urgent, unexpected occurrence or event, bodily alteration or occasion requiring immediate medical attention).
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