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Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporates/Organization
(1) Definition of a Group for issue of Group Health Policy   (2) Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporate
(3) Coverages available under Group Health Insurance Policy   (4) Specimen Calculation for Group Health Insurance
(5) Future of Group Health Insurance   (6) Policy Wording/ Proposal Form/ Brochure
(7) Concepts:
a- Named/ Unnamed Policy b- Group for Issue
(8) Product details of Various Companies for Group/ Corporate/ SMEs Insurance
Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporates (General Insurance)
7(a)- Group Health Insurance of Named Person
Source New India
Group should fall clearly under the following categories:
  1. Employer-employee relationship including dependents of the employee.
  2. Preidentified segments/groups where the premium is to be paid by the State/Central Governments.
  3. Members of a registered co-operative society
  4. Members of registered service clubs
  5. Holders of credit card of Bank/Diners/Master/Visa
  6. holders of deposit certificates issued by Banks/NBFC's
  7. Shareholders of Banks/public limited companies
Minimum Number of Person: 100
Age Limit, Basic premium, benefits and exclusions are same as per Individual Mediclaim Policy.
Three will be no family discounts, cumulative bonus and cost of health checkup. The policy should not be no issued through intermediaries
Maternity Benefits:
The maximum cover available up to Rs. 50000/- for maternity or the sum insured opted by the members of group, whichever is lower.

This is an optional cover which can be obtained on payment 10% of the total Basic premium for all the insured persons under the policy at inception only. Total basic premium means the total premium computed before applying group discount and/or high claim leading low claim discount and special discount.

When the Maternity benefit is extended, Exclusion 11A of the policy stands deleted.
Option for this cover has to be exercised at the inception of the policy period and no refund is available in case of insured cancels this option during currency of the policy.

A waiting period of 9 months is applicable for payment of any claim relating to normal delivery or ceasarian section or abdominal operation for extra uterine pregnancy. The waiting period may be relaxed only in the case of delivery, miscarriage of abortion induced by accident or other medical emergency.

Claim in respect of delivery for only first 2 children and/or operation associated therewith will be considered.

Voluntary termination of pregnancy during the first 12 weeks from the date of conception not covered.

Pre and post-natal expenses are not covered unless hospitalised.
The final Group Discount increase/decrease will be adjusted on the policy period provided the policy is renewed for the next 12 months.
No. of persons  Discount%
101-500 2.5
501-1,000 5
1,001-10,000 7.5
10,001-15,000 10
15,001-20,000 12.5
20,001-25,000 15
25,001-50,000 20
Above-50,000 30
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