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Various health insurance companies who provide insurance in India. Get free health insurance quote today from best health insurance companies in India for your entire family insurance plans Get Cashless medical insurance hospitalizaton form most of insurance companies plan Free medical treatment during hospitalization Peace of mind with health insurance policy
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Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporates/Organization
(1) Definition of a Group for issue of Group Health Policy   (2) Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporate
(3) Coverages available under Group Health Insurance Policy   (4) Specimen Calculation for Group Health Insurance
(5) Future of Group Health Insurance   (6) Policy Wording/ Proposal Form/ Brochure
(7) Concepts:
a- Named/ Unnamed Policy b- Group for Issue
(8) Product details of Various Companies for Group/ Corporate/ SMEs Insurance
Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporates (General Insurance)
3- Coverages available under Group Health Insurance Policy
Insurance Companies can make exceptions by changing extra premium for coverage of
  • Pre Exisiting diseases
  • Maternity Cover
  • Deletion of condition year 1/ year 2
Health Insurance Covers hospitalization when a patient is in hospital for more than 24 hours due to:
  • Illness
  • Accident
  • Surgery requirement
  • Symptoms, when diagnosis is been done According to the Document of Cholamandalam MS General Insurance the costs covered are
  1. Room, Boarding Expenses in Hospital/Nursing Home
  2. Nursing Expenses, intensive care unit expenses,
  3. Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist fees
  4. Anesthesia
    1. Blood Oxygen,
    2. Operation Theater Charges,
    3. Surgical Appliances, Medicines,
    4. Drugs,
    5. Diagnostic Materials,
    6. X-ray,
    7. Dialysis,
    8. Chemotherapy,
    9. Radiotherapy,
    10. Pacemaker cost,
    11. Artificial Limbs,
    12. Cost of Organs.
  5. Pre-Hospitalization Expenses
  6. Post-Hospitalization Expenses
  7. General Health and Eye Examination (Optional with extra premium)
  8. Local Ambulance Services (Optional with extra premium)
  9. Hospital Daily Allowance (Optional with extra premium)
Admissible Limits :
  • Minimum 24 hrs. Hospitalization except Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Eye Surgery, Dental Surgery, Lithotripsy, D&C, Tonsillectomy (insured discharged on same day)
  • Pre-Hospitalization Expense: Laboratory, X-ray or any other medically necessary diagnostic procedures ordered by a physician (60 days prior to Hospitalization in case of all type of covers)
  • Post-Hospitalization Expenses: The medically necessary treatment ordered by a physician and readered (within a time period of the Insured person's discharge from Hospital or Day Treatment) (90 days after hospitalization in case of all type of covers).
  • General Health and Eye Examination: Radiology, Blood Diabetes, Liver, Renal/Kidney, Cardiac Lipid, Phospholids, Lung, Abdomen, Cancer, Optometry, Slit Lamp Examination, Direct Fungus Examination, Indirect Fungus Examination, Color Vision Testing, Prescription of Glasses if necessary.
  • Local Ambulance Services; Emergency ambulance road transportation by a licensed ambulance service to the nearest Hospital.
  • Hospital Daily Allowance:  The Hospital Daily Allowance benefit is payable per day of Hospitalization in India for a limited period per person and policy period.
  • Day care Surgeries: Microsurgical operations on the middle ear, other operations on the middle and internal ear, nose and the nasal sinuses, the eyes, the skin and subcutaneous tissues, the mouth and the face, Traumatological surgery and orthopedics, the breast, the digestive tract, the female sexual organs, the male sexual organs, the urinary system. For Applicants aged 45 and above a medical test is mandator
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