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Various health insurance companies who provide insurance in India. Get free health insurance quote today from best health insurance companies in India for your entire family insurance plans Get Cashless medical insurance hospitalizaton form most of insurance companies plan Free medical treatment during hospitalization Peace of mind with health insurance policy
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Introduction to Health Insurance in India
(1) Introduction of Health Insurance Policies   (2) Need of Health Insurance
(3) Companies offering Health Insurance/ Mediclaim   (4) Salient Points of Various Products of Insurance Companies
(5) What Health Insurance Policy Covers in India   (6) What Health Insurance Policy does not Cover in India
(7) Selection of Health Insurance Product/ Company   (8) Health Insurance through Life Insurance Companies
(9) Concept of :
a- Concept of Day Care Surgeries Treatments Covered b- Cooling Off Period (30 days Waiting Period)
c- Co-Pay Concept in Health Insurance Policy d- Health Insurance through Credit Card
e- Concept of Cumulative Bonus in Health Insurance Policy f- Health Insurance Cumulative Bonus Comparision
(10) Specimen:
a- Proposal Forms of Insurance Companies   b- Non Receipt of Policy Letter to Send to Insurance Companies
2- Need of Health Insurance Policy
Health insurance means risk coverage to provide financial shelter in the event of Medical treatment incurred out of a sickness or injury.
According to Money Digest February 2003.
1 in 3 Person
Will develop some life threatening cancer.
1 in 4 Person
Will contact heart disease before they retire.
1 in 20 Person
Risk the chance of having stroke before the age of seventy
According to World Bank Report
  • Some relevant studies reveal :
  • 85 % of the working population in India DO NOT have Rs. 5,00,000 as instant cash.
  • 14 % have Rs. 5,00,000 instantly BUT will subsequently will face a financial crunch
  • Only 1% can afford to spend Rs. 5,00,000 instantly and easily.
  • 99 % of Indians will face financial crunch in case of any critical illness. Hence the need for Health Insurance.
Let us look at what it costs in a good/ reputed hospital for treatment of
Angioplasty Rs. 1,20,000 to Rs. 3,00,000
Open heart surgery Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 4,50,000
Liver Transplant Rs. 30,00,000
Kidney Transplant Rs. 18,00,000 to Rs. 30,00,000
Hernia surgery Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000
Cancer-Chemotherapy - Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000 per visit and number of visits may be 4 to 28, which means that cost can be as high as Rs. 8,40,000. It is realized that only Health insurance policy taken by a person can take care of hospitalization costs of this magnitude. This cost is over and above surgery, which may be required.
Who does not need Health insurance:
  • A person who is covered by his employer or is governed under some corporate rules for payment/reimbursement of Hospitalization costs need not go in for Health Insurance.
  • A person who has no financial liquidity issue and who can make immediate payment of hospital bills of the order of Rs. 1,00,000 or 2,00,000 or even Rs. 5,00,000 need not go in for health insurance. In this case he is indirectly doing self-insurance which in simple terms means that he will be making the payment himself as and when the need arises.
  • It means that all others should go in for Health insurance so that, as and when they need hospitalization Health Insurance will take care of the same.
  • It means that by buying this Insurance one is buying peace of mind for the day, when one may need hospitalization
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