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Student Overseas Travel Health Insurance Policies from India
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9-Overseas Student Travel Insurance - ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
Source: Website of ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
Overseas Student Travel Insurance
An opportunity to study abroad opens up avenues to a brighter career and future. But while pursuing these dreams, emergencies can arise anytime. Overseas Student Travel Insurance plans introduced by ICICI Lombard cover unexpected medical and non-medical expenses during your study abroad.
To provide quality health care overseas, we have partnered with UnitedHealth Group (leading US-based Health Care provider), thus providing you access to it's network of hospitals and physicians in United States.
ICICI Lombard offers Overseas Student Travel Insurance plans that are compliant with more than 500 universities worldwide.
Overseas Student Travel Insurance Plans
Gold Plan

A comprehensive cover against medical expenses as well as other expenses such as repatriation of remains, checked-in baggage loss, personal accident, personal liability, bail bond, study interruption, sponsor protection and more.
Plus Plan

The Plus Plan is an add-on cover to fulfill the various criteria of universities abroad. You can top up your existing student insurance with this plan to avail coverage which a standard plan might not offer.
Bronze Plan
An Overseas Student Travel Insurance policy that covers you against sponsor protection, study interruption, compassionate visit, personal liability, bail bond, checked-in baggage loss and personal accident.
View details of policy Coverage
Coverage Details Coverage Amount Bronze Plan Gold Plan Plus Plan
Medical Expenses*# (including Medical Evacuation) US$ 50,000, US$ 100,000, US$ 250,000 & US$500,000
Dental Treatment* US$ 250
Repatriation of Remains (Covers the funeral expenses or expenses of repatriating the remains back to India, in case of death overseas) Up to medical sum insured
Checked-in Baggage Loss US$ 1,000
Passport Loss** US$ 200
Personal Accident (Compensation paid in case of Accidental Death and PTD due to an accident) Covered US$ 10,000 US$ 25,000 US$ 25,000
Personal Liability (Compensation of damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, injury or damage to health or property caused involuntarily by the insured) US$ 100,000
Bail Bond (For the bail amount, if arrested or detained by police or judicial authorities of the place, for any bailable offense whilst abroad) US$ 5,000
Study Interruption (Reimbursement for the remaining part of the current school semester fee; if studies are interrupted on account of a medical condition or compassionate reasons on the family front) US$ 7,500
Sponsor Protection (Reimbursement of tuition fees in case of demise of person paying for studies due to an accident) US$ 10,000
Two-way Compassionate Visit (In case of hospitalization [exceeding 7 days] of student or a family member, where a family member visits student or student visits India. Round trip economy class tickets for student/family member, and accommodation for the family member visiting abroad, will be reimbursed) US$ 7,500
Treatment for Mental and Nervous Disorders US$ 1,000
In-patient medical expenses related to pregnancy, subject to a waiting period of 10 months US$ 500
Medical expenses for inter-collegiate sports injuries Up to medical sum insured
Cancer Screening and Mammography Expenses US$ 2,000
Childcare Benefits (If the child is above 90 days of age,and is hospitalized for more than 2 days for any ailment, hospital cash benefit of US $ 100 per day will be paid, subject to a maximum of 7 days) US$ 100
*Deductible of US$100. This deductible is applicable on per illness (complete treatment) basis and not on per visit to the doctor/ hospital.
**Deductible of US$ 50 - Applicable for each separate claim.
#If not a pre-existing disease.
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