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Various health insurance companies who provide insurance in India. Get free health insurance quote today from best health insurance companies in India for your entire family insurance plans Get Cashless medical insurance hospitalizaton form most of insurance companies plan Free medical treatment during hospitalization Peace of mind with health insurance policy
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Introduction to Health Insurance in India
(1) Introduction of Health Insurance Policies   (2) Need of Health Insurance
(3) Companies offering Health Insurance/ Mediclaim   (4) Salient Points of Various Products of Insurance Companies
(5) What Health Insurance Policy Covers in India   (6) What Health Insurance Policy does not Cover in India
(7) Selection of Health Insurance Product/ Company   (8) Health Insurance through Life Insurance Companies
(9) Concept of :
a- Concept of Day Care Surgeries Treatments Covered b- Cooling Off Period (30 days Waiting Period)
c- Co-Pay Concept in Health Insurance Policy d- Health Insurance through Credit Card
e- Concept of Cumulative Bonus in Health Insurance Policy f- Health Insurance Cumulative Bonus Comparision
(10) Specimen:
a- Proposal Forms of Insurance Companies   b- Non Receipt of Policy Letter to Send to Insurance Companies
9 (a)- Concept of Day Care Surgeries Treatments Covered
Listing of Day Care procedures - New India Assurance Company
111 Incision And Lancing Of A Salivary Gland And A Salivary Duct 112 Epididymectomy
113 Excision Of Diseased Tissue Of A Salivary Gland And A Salivary Duct 114 Reconstruction Of The Spermatic Cord
115 Resection Of A Salivary Gland 116 Reconstruction Of The Ductus Deferens And Epididymis
117 Reconstruction Of A Salivary Gland And A Salivary Duct 118 Other Operations On The Spermatic Cord, Epididymis And Ductus Deferens
119 Other Operations On The Salivary Glands And Salivary Ducts 120 Operations On The Foreskin
121 External Incision And Drainage In The Region Of The Mouth, Jaw And Face 122 Local Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Tissue Of The Penis
123 Incision Of The Hard And Soft Palate 124 Amputation Of The Penis
125 Excision And Destruction Of Diseased Hard And Soft Palate 126 Plastic Reconstruction Of The Penis
127 Incision, Excision And Destruction In The Mouth 128 Other Operations On The Penis
129 Plastic Surgery To The Floor Of The Mouth 130 Cystoscopical Removal Of Stones
131 Palatoplasty 132 Lithotripsy
133 Other Operations In The Mouth 134 Coronary Angiography
135 Transoral Incision And Drainage Of A Pharyngeal Abscess 136 Haemodialysis
137 Tonsillectomy Without Adenoidectomy 138 Radiotherapy For Cancer
139 Tonsillectomy With Adenoidectomy    
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