8- Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited - Critical Illness Insurance
Tata AIG Life Group Health Plus
Tata AIG Life Group Health Plus(Group health plus) is offered to the customers/members of Employers, Banks, Financial Institutions and other business concerns through a group insurance policy issued to the organization, who is called the Group Policyholder. Customers/Members of the organization are enrolled on either voluntary or compulsory participation basis under the group insurance policy as individual insured members.
A minimum of 50 members are required to avail this group insurance policy. Under voluntary, a minimum of 10% participation of customers/members is required at inception, wherein a new customer/member should join the plan within 45 days of joining the group, and will not be allowed to join the plan thereafter. Under compulsory option, membership is compulsory for all new customers/members of the group policyholder.
Unique Features
  • Coverage for 12 Critical Illnesses
  • Competitive group premium rates
  • Flexible Sum Insured from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5,00,000
  • Flexible short to medium term options - 3 / 4 / 5 years
  • Easy Enrollment - Simple Enrolment Form, No Medical Examination
  • One time premium payment, no renewal premium
  • Unique product - Single Premium Group Health Plus Insurance Plan
  • Lump sum Payment on diagnosis of any covered Critical Illnesses
  • 24/7 Worldwide coverage
  • Tax Exemption for premium paid under the Income Tax Act, Section 80 D
12 Critical Illnesses Covered
  • Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Coronary Bypass Surgery, Chronic Renal Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Aorta Surgery, Benign Brain Tumor, Heart Valve Surgery, Paralysis, Parkinson's Disease, Total Blindness
Eligibility, Sum Insured & Term
  • Group Health Plus is offered to the customers/ members of the Group Policyholder with age between 18 to 55 years upon completion of the enrolment requirement.
  • Customer/member can select the sum insured and the term to suit his financial planning needs.
Sum Insured:
In units of Rs. 25,000 up to a maximum of 20 units i.e. Rs. 5,00,000
Term: 3 / 4 / 5 years
Waiting period
  • The insured can avail the insurance benefit for any covered Critical Illnesses occurring after 180 Days of the date of commencement or date of reinstatement, whichever is later subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. The insurance benefit will be paid after the survival period of 30 days.